pltr stock forecast reddit

Pltr Stock Forecast Reddit

PLTR. Stocks jumped to $ The stock has already more than tripled in price since its direct listing. Could this bull run continue in Friday? I don't. I believe all of this will have a negative impact on the PLTR share price over the next few weeks, so for this reason I dumped my money from the. Even today PLTR is still pretty overvalued relative to its growth. Unless growth meaningfully accelerates beyond 50% theres no rationale for. Remove r/stocks filter and expand search to all of Reddit Though their stock price will become more like $2 instead of $20 I can't touch. Bold prediction: PLTR trades over $29 two days prior to the next earnings report I think a face-ripping rally is set to humble the 'AI is a.

I bought PLTR when it was ridiculously oversold (at 6$) but they showed up with 2 surprising quarter report since then, i'm okay to let it run a. I suspect based on NHS winning and a beat on Q3, combined with S&P acceptance, we are going to see PLTR kiss $24 by EOY, with possible. You are preaching to the choir on this sub by extolling virtues of PLTR, but most are going to find $ price target in next 18 months very far. Remove r/PLTR filter and expand search to all of Reddit PLTR should be worth today, but long term, I like the stock. Forecast' and redefine. r/PLTR: Palantir Technologies Inc. ($PLTR) Stock: "We're Here. We believe in augmenting human intelligence, not replacing it.". Can bet my left nut this stock won't be 25$ at the end of the year, but might be for a month next earnings, but the rolling average will be. Excellent analyst review of PLTR (Target Price: $27) "Think this through: Cash position of $ billion, no debt whatsoever, current ratio. I also very positive about Palantir. i love the stock. But we might be in for a rollercoaster with this stock. Prediction $$35 range this. As of June , Palantir's current Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio is , indicating that the company is currently not profitable​ [2]​. In my experience, I've seen lots of major stocks that move up and down and up and down and then you see they've had no major price change. r/PLTR: Palantir Technologies Inc. ($PLTR) Stock Expected Price Movements. Analyzing the Volume and price window from $ to $ for Palantir.

Don't let a few bad days worry you. Last AI stock I was wheeling at this share price ($AI) blew up to $48 and they are not even profitable and. The company expects to see upward of $ million in U.S. commercial revenue for , up at least 40%. I see some calling for $$40+ by but by then this company would be valued at B while making less than 5B? Also, government contracts. Close to the end of the article: "Even assuming a discounted forward earnings multiple of 40, Palantir's stock price could jump to $48 after. currently, I sell out about months. I look for to delta. It's easier with PLTR because the stock moves so easily to being. Remove r/PLTR filter and expand search to all of Reddit stock, how shares having a higher share price doesnt mean its valued higher than. I believe PLTR is a good investment. However, I wrestled with this for a while and where I still have my doubts is in their ability to build. PLTR is just breaking even, they've been making a loss since ever, now they're in the green. They doubled their revenue in 3 years. I say hold. Fair value is pretty much in line with current price I think. With the price at at an only 27 bil market cap and 2 bil rev in me.

From the same analyst post-NHS announcement -- William Blair: "We see significant risk that Palantir $PLTR does not meet the consensus as. PLTR is currently at a $42B market cap. The S&P often makes about 5% CAGR. So let's say PLTR has to perform.. at approximately a 10% CAGR. This ^ was the single biggest risk to Palantir's stock price and it is now behind us. After hours are green already. There is no longer any. I like this youtuber and his PLTR videos. Worth a watch unlike most of the random YouTuber ads here. I just wish he didn't say "here. I still think the line of "line of least resistance" for PLTR and other small cap growth stocks is down. However, I'm not sure. If this stock.

Downvote Reply reply. Share. u/KiNGinvestor avatar · KiNGinvestor. • 8mo ago. What is the stock forecast price by ? Upvote 1. Downvote Reply. Good business but terrible stock. Can't see myself buying it at any price. Reply. Share price will be around $ if they reach T market cap that msft/amzn have.

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